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  • Communications Yoshitaka Shindo visited the Yasukuni Shrine today. What is China's comment? A: The visit by the Japanese Cabinet member to the Yasukuni Shrine, a place where Class-A WWII criminals are honored, exposes once again the current Japanese Cabinet's wrong attitude towards history. The Chinese side has lodged solemn representations
  • Q: US President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issued a joint statement at the Nuclear Security Summit in the Netherlands, announcing Japan's return of sensitive nuclear materials to the US. What is China's comment? A: China welcomes the
  • Triomphe is courtesy of Harshil Shah ). (Beam Me There Scotty , is courtesy of FotoDawg ). Important! Visit Japan 399. Watch a sumo wrestling match in Japan. 400. Attend a Japanese tea ceremony. 401. Visit the Imperial Palace, Tokyo. 402. Head down to Tokyo's electronics district Akihabara and wander in and out of the shops. 403.
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  • Mario Brothers, the hit Nintendo video game series. Figure is packaged in a blister packaging, with English and Japanese text. Limited posability.0 points 16 Vote Up Vote Down Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Mario Party 6 Inch Plush Yoshi 7" tall Collectible Yoshi Plush by Nintendo Japan. Great item for the Mario Brothers Game

  • pages Hada Labo Lotion: The Japanese Skin Care Product That's Crazy Popular in Asia Hada Labo Lotion: The Japanese Skin Care Product That's Crazy Popular in Asia Japanese Charcoal Soap For Natural Skin Cleansing Japanese Charcoal Soap For Natural Skin Cleansing Daiso Charcoal Mask | Stubborn blackheads be gone! Daiso
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  • · Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks on Japan's Issuance of Defense of Japan 2015 (2015/07/21)
  • as soon as possible and create favorable conditions for a political solution of the Syrian issue. Q: The US and Japan have just issued a joint statement which claims that the US-Japan Security Treaty applies to all Japan-administered territories, including the Diaoyu Islands. It also comments on issues related to the East China Sea Air
  • on the passing of Mr. Shevardnadze, and sincere sympathy to his families and the Georgian people. Q: Japan has lodged a protest with a Chinese local newspaper for carrying a map of Japan showing mushroom clouds over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What is China's comment on the atomic bombs attacks against Japan in 1945? A: The war of
  • development that it has been upholding since the end of WWII. We have noted that there are strong objections in Japan to the lifting of the ban on the collective self defence right. It is the general public of Japan that should have the final say on which way Japan should follow in terms of national development. We are opposed to Japan's

  • upon its history of aggression, and make a clean break from militarism serves as an important political basis for Japan to develop its relationship with its Asian neighbors. It is also a barometer to gauge Japan's moves in diplomatic policies. Japan's performance in this regard has been closely followed by the international community. However,
  • art", O3one, Beograd, Serbia 2006 "II.Ogaki Biennale", various locations Ogaki, Japan 2006 “Cultural typhoon”, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan 2006 "IAMAS open house", IAMAS Multimedia center, Ogaki, Japan 2006 "Videoout-Russia Electronic bilboard
  • joined the search operation and assisted in searching 160,000 square kilometers of waters. Q: According to the Japanese media, the Chinese government has set a precondition for the meeting between Chinese and Japanese leaders, which is a public promise made by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of not visiting the Yasukuni Shrine during his
  • Korean Liberation Army in the northwestern Chinese city of Xi'an is about to be completed. Can you confirm that? Japan has expressed opposition to this memorial stone. How do you anticipate the Japanese side's reaction to this? A: During the anti-Japanese war, many peace-loving and respectable men who came from the Korean Peninsula fought
  • Defense Force unit on Yonaguni, an island located 150 kilometers away from the Diaoyu Islands at the western tip of Japan's territorial waters, with the aim of strengthening the surveillance over the southwestern region. What is China's comment? A: Due to historical reasons, any of Japan's military moves will raise concern among Asian

  • It serves the interests of the two peoples and contributes to the peaceful development of the whole region. China-Japan relationship is beset at present by great difficulties and the reason is widely known, that is, the Japanese leader has taken extremely wrong actions on the Diaoyu Islands issue and historical issues. The ball is in Japan's
  • and security fields are closely watched by its Asian neighbors and the international community. The direction of Japan's development should be decided in the final analysis by the Japanese people. However, as a country that had been invaded by Japan, we have every reason to make the request that any policy adjustment in Japan's military field
  • Q: According to the Japanese media, the foreign ministers of Japan and the ROK have reached a final deal meant to resolve the issue of comfort women today. What is China's take on the result? A: We have noted the relevant report. The forced
  • complicate the situation. They should create favorable conditions for a political settlement. Q: According to Japanese media, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the other day at the G7 Summit that what is happening in Crimea could happen in Asia, adding that China takes provocative actions in the East China Sea and South China Sea with
  • 2011 Države 90.8% SLOVENIA 4.7% UNITED STATES 0.8% CROATIA 0.7% JAPAN 0.4% UNITED KINGDOM

  • 2011 Države 90.8% SLOVENIA 4.7% UNITED STATES 0.8% CROATIA 0.7% JAPAN 0.4% UNITED KINGDOM
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