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  • financial stability of Ukraine and provide assistance in this regard. We believe that this is the direction that relevant countries should follow. As for the quota reform in the IMF, China's position is clear. We call on relevant countries to push for the approval of relevant bills by their parliaments as soon as possible, and earnestly
  • of the Korean Peninsula, safeguarding peace and stability of the Peninsula and peacefully resolving relevant issues through dialogue and consultation. For a long period of time, we have never stopped engaging with relevant parties, and the efforts we put into this are continuous. At the same time, we hope other relevant parties
  • of the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogues, we have set up a working group on climate change, established relevant mechanisms and worked out relevant plans. As two influential countries in the area of climate change, China and the US should further enhance communication, coordination and cooperation, pool the efforts from the
  • answer ONLY if you are a straight male If you are a straight woman of if you are gay, please fill out the relevant survey elsewhere on this page.
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  • measures to safeguard national sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, and ensure the smooth running of relevant operations. What is imperative is for the Vietnamese side to stop disrupting China's operations, stop inflaming relevant issues, properly handle the fallout from the severely violent incident involving beating, smashing,
  • to bring stability back as soon as possible, and refrain from aggravating, complicating and internationalizing relevant issues. What is imperative right now is that Vietnam should stop disrupting Chinese operations, inflaming relevant issues, playing up disputes or creating new tensions. Vietnam should properly handle the aftermath of the
  • away. Our sincere condolence goes to his family. Q: The scientific research vessel Xuelong will arrive at relevant waters in the southern Indian Ocean tomorrow. Will any other ships arrive before that? Please brief us on that. A: Xuelong, the scientific research vessel and Zhonghai Shaohua will arrive at relevant waters tomorrow.
  • active in combating illegal trade of wildlife products and protecting endangered wildlife. China has promulgated relevant laws and regulations, and signed into relevant international conventions, all of which will be followed by China earnestly and strictly. If what you said is true, relevant departments in China will deal with it in
  • side has made in the southern track. The current search and rescue work faces difficulties due to the complexity of relevant waters. But as long as there remains a gleam of hope, we will make one hundred percent efforts. We hope that the Australian side and relevant parties can continue to make all-out efforts to search and rescue and inform

  • of the Korean Peninsula, China upholds a fair and objective position, and stays in close communication with all relevant parties. We believe that under the current circumstances, relevant parties should keep calm, exercise restraint and do more things that can help ease the tension and lead to peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula. What
  • We hope that the Malaysian side will keep coordinating international efforts to carry out search operations in relevant waters. At present, China is still making all-out efforts to search relevant waters. After days of sailing, the Chinese vessels will arrive one after another at the waters where floating objects possibly related to the
  • vessels, namely Haixun 01, South China Sea Rescue 115 and East China Sea Rescue 101 are still on their way to the relevant waters. Therefore, there will be altogether 8 Chinese vessels searching in relevant waters. We will take concrete measures to coordinate the search resources at sea and in the air so as to push forward the search operation
  • which is cited as a possible sign of improving bilateral relations. What is China's comment? A: We have noted the relevant report. We hope that the improvement of bilateral ties between the ROK and Japan will be conducive to maintaining regional stability and development and keeping relevant country on the path of peaceful development. Q: In
  • in Syria? A: On your first question, following closely the developments, the Chinese side is concerned that the relevant incident may sharpen regional disputes. We hope that relevant parties would enhance communication and act as one on the issue of counter-terrorism. We also maintain that safety and dignity of diplomatic personnel and

  • searching in the eastern part of the southern Indian Ocean. China will continue its all-out efforts in searching relevant waters and keep in close touch with relevant countries, including Australia. Q: This morning, China and the ROK held a ceremony for the handover of remains of soldiers of the Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) dead in
  • and international and regional issues of common interest. Specific agenda is still in the making. Please follow relevant information which will be released in due course. As a close neighbor to the Korean Peninsula, China maintains an objective and just position on the Peninsular issue, and is committed to safeguarding peace and stability
  • Chinese enterprises to observe local laws and regulations and fulfill their social responsibilities. Meanwhile, relevant countries should ensure the lawful rights and interests of Chinese enterprises working there. relevant departments and enterprises from both sides are in communication on the Myitsone power station project to find a
  • Australia and Malaysia to press ahead with the search and investigation and make joint efforts in dealing with relevant matters. Prime Minister Abbott expressed thanks for Premier Li Keqiang's solicitude, spoke highly of China's work in the search operation and stated that the Australian side would enhance communication and cooperation
  • crisis, believing that this is conducive to the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. China supports relevant parties' efforts to implement the consensus of ceasefire, accelerate dialogue and negotiation based on the Geneva Consensus, seek for a comprehensive solution to politically resolving the crisis, and realize stability and

  • or even deny the history cannot but make people more suspicious of Japan's real intention and attitude on the relevant history issue. It is hoped that the Japanese side would face up to and deeply reflect upon the history with a sense of sincerity and responsibility and properly deal with the relevant issue so as to win the trust of its
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